Why You Should Hire a Private Car for Your Bachelorette Weekend

Hire a Private Car for Your Bachelorette Weekend
Hire a Private Car for Your Bachelorette Weekend

Austin is the perfect place to celebrate an upcoming marriage. You and your friends will have a blast shopping, trying your hand at paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake, and listening to live music. If you are in charge of planning the weekend, you will have fun narrowing down your options to create an itinerary everyone will enjoy.

The tricky part of planning a weekend for a group of 5 to 10 women is figuring out how to transport everyone in your party to each event. Let’s discuss your options.

You could rent a large van to get to each party destination in Austin, but who, then, will be the designated driver?

Also, have you driven in Austin before? We have Texas-sized traffic. You won’t want to navigate through an Austin traffic jam with a vanload of laughing friends. Renting a vehicle for a bachelorette weekend is not an option.

And the idea of using public transportation with your group of friends seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? It’s your weekend to party! It’s not time to try to figure out the bus schedule.

This leaves you with two options: obtaining an Uber or Lyft every time you want to go somewhere in Austin or hiring a driver and vehicle for the weekend through R&R Limo and Bus. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each choice.

Benefits of Using Ride Share

Ride shares are convenient to transport small groups short distances.

If your bachelorette party consists of three people who plan to stick around Austin’s downtown area, you may consider using a rideshare company. Make sure you pad your schedule and budget to use this form of transportation. Rideshare cars do not show up immediately, and if you travel during peak hours, you are going to be charged higher rates.

Benefits of Hiring R&R Limo and Bus to Take Care of Transportation

All of your friends will be able to ride together.

When you are with your friends, isn’t getting there half the fun? Relive those fun-filled moments when you and your friends would drive around the neighborhood, listening to your favorite music. Do you remember how it felt to have the wind blow through your hair while you belt out your favorite boy-band songs? Let your driver take care of all those grown-up worries such as navigating and parking while you and your friends relax and have fun.

You can divide the expenses easily.

You know how it goes when you are with a large group of people. The responsible types take care of the more carefree individuals in the group. You can try to collect money for all those Uber rides after the fact, but you know how hard it is to get cash out of some of your friends. Plus, since you will have to hire several cars to get to each of your destinations, figuring out the cost for each ride would require that someone do the math and keep track of expenses for each individual. No one wants to do division on a girls’ weekend.

When you hire a car for the weekend with R&R, you will know how much your transportation costs will be ahead of time. You can collect the money from each person before the trip, and spend the rest of the time not even thinking of such grown-up worries.

Hiring a Professional Driver is Safe

Let’s face it. When you hire a rideshare driver, you don’t know who will show up to serve you.

When you hire a driver through R&R Limo and Bus, you will be hiring a professional driver who has passed background checks and screenings. Our drivers care about their reputations and our company’s reputation, and they won’t do anything to jeopardize their jobs.

We know that when a group of women get together for a weekend, there’s a chance that drinking will be on the agenda. Don’t trust your safety or your friends’ safety to a stranger.

Hiring a Driver Gives You Flexibility

Austin is different than other parts of the country. Our metro area is big, and if some of our more popular locations are little ways out of town. If you plan to visit a winery or one of our popular swimming holes, you may be able to get a ride out there, but you may not be able to find a ride back to town easily. If you hire a driver with R&R, we will take you wherever you need to go. We’ll even take you to the airport at the end of the weekend.

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Let us provide all your transportation needs for your bachelorette weekend!

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