Whether as a group or an individual, it can be hard deciding on how to go about hiring a shuttle service for any party, festival, city tour or event. A lot of questions are bound to come to mind, and the more they come, the more confused you might get.

Well, the questions springing up are indicators of your or your clique’s desire to have a wonderful party experience – from start to finish – without a glitch. Before you hire a party bus service, it is essential you do due diligence by taking all possibilities into account, to ensure you get the best of party ride service out there.


The Best Are Almost Always Booked: Plan, Budget, and Book Ahead

This is especially true if there is a big event you want to attend, which you know lots of people are going to be attending, too. You should grab the competitive advantage, and be the first in line; the only way you can do that is by making your plans early enough, and pin the need for a party ride at the top.

It will be a lot of stress if you have to sweat it out by running around the whole town at the last minute looking for a party bus that will take you and your friends to and fro your destination – because, well, the good ones are all booked. Planning, budgeting, and early booking eliminate the chances of heading to that party with gloom written all over your face.


Go For the Best, Never Opt For Less

The truth is that with a single search you will probably find a few bus charter and limo service providers around you. Now you are stuck with which option to choose. Obviously, you understand the need to go for the best, for the premium experience, your safety and a certainty that you have the best driver. But which is the best? Just as R&R Limousine and Bus Charter Services is undeniably the best bus and limo services provider in Austin, TX, there are also various providers that are considered the best for other towns and cities.

A key to knowing the best first of all lies in their reputation. When people have a good or bad experience with a particular service, they share it. You can simply ask for suggestions from people or make further research yourself by searching for and using the company’s USDOT number to check their accident history, insurance status, safety and insurance record, which can be found publicly.

Also, you don’t just have to consider the company as an entity; the professionalism and attitude of the drivers is just as important. At R&R Limousine and Bus Charter Services, just like our customers seek for the best, we provide the best professional drivers with clean records and all the proper licensing.


Consider Your Transportation Options

How many passengers will be involved? Just you or you and your group of friends? This is a crucial question to ask yourself before choosing a bus. It will be awkward if you hire an 18-passenger bus for 29 passengers! Do you cut off some individuals or do you go looking for another bus charter to transport the others? You don’t really want to be in a situation where you have to weigh these options.

You should know the number of passengers that will be involved and hire a bus or limo accordingly. You can visit our home page for a glance at various vehicular options you can choose from and their capacity.  


Read the contracts: Play by the rules

While planning to hire a party shuttle service, you should consider the fact that there are applicable rules. Read the contracts to know what to bring on board and what’s expected of you while making use of the service like the company’s take on the use of alcohol in their vehicles; this will help avoid accruing possible post-service costs that could have been avoided such as cleaning costs and the likes.


Give All the Necessary Details

This point cannot be overemphasized, as providing all the details will help the company and your driver make sure that you get the best of what you deserve. Say, you hire a party shuttle service for an event; do you want to stop at a restaurant while on the way? Will you need to pick up some passengers at different points? The details will enable the driver to plan the most suitable routes that will ensure that you arrive safe and early at the event and any other place you will need to go.