Mini Bus vs Motor Coach: Which Charter Bus is Right for You?

Whether you’re looking for transportation for a church group or a sports team, a charter bus is often the best choice. Yet, there are many different types of buses available for charter. How do you know which one is right for you?

Two of the most common types of a charter bus are motor coaches and minibusses. Minibusses tend to be smaller and are great for shuttle service, weddings , nd group day trips. Motorcoach charter buses, on the other hand, are larger, they feature luggage compartments, and they’re ideal for long-distance group travel.

Still confused about which to choose? Deciding which type of charter bus is best for your group is a real challenge. Fortunately, R&R Limo & Bus has all the info you need to plan your charter transportation.

What is a Minibus?

Minibuses are smaller, executive-style charter buses, and they’re more compact than motor coaches. A minibus typically accommodates up to 30 or so passengers, and feature rows of captain seats with a wide center aisle.

Minibuses tend to have many of the same luxury features that you’ll find on motor coaches. Tinted privacy glass, leather seats, A/V systems and reclining seats are all common minibus features, for example. This type of bus is particularly useful for smaller groups up to about 31 passengers. R&R Limo & Bus offers luxury executive mini buses for group travel. Our mini buses feature over-sized aisles, TV, DVD and high-backed, reclining leather seats.

What exactly is different between the two?  Minibuses typically do not have below-deck luggage compartments or restrooms like motor coaches. That’s why they’re preferred for shorter distance travel.

What Types of Events Are Best for Minibuses?

Considering a minibus rental? This type of ground transportation makes sense for a few different types of trips. Usually, minibuses are ideal for shorter-distance travel, shuttle service, or day trips for mid-sized groups. We charter minibuses most frequently for:

  • Business Conferences – Minibuses are a favorite corporate transportation option. They allow groups to travel to conference venues comfortably and ensure the group stays together. We regularly provide mini bus charters for SXSW, Austin City Limits, and the city’s many tech conferences.
  • Shuttle Service – This type of charter bus is a favorite for wedding parties. Minibuses can help to get large groups of guests to wedding venues or to and from the hotel. They’re also great for corporate shuttle service, parking shuttles, and event shuttles.
  • Sports Teams – Need to get a high school team to the big game? A chartered bus offers a convenient solution. Players and coaches can relax, and a bus ensures the team arrives at the field on time and well-rested.
  • Political Groups – Organizing campaign volunteers and groups for canvassing or rallies can be a challenge. A minibus allows political groups to get their volunteers to locations quickly, safety and comfortably.

Is a Minibus Rental Right for You?

Typically, minibus rentals work best for short-term travel for smaller groups. Due to the lack of luggage space and restrooms, minibuses aren’t best for long-distance travel.

Minibuses are great for all types of events and ground transportation. If you’ll be traveling with a large group, or over long distances (4 hours of driving or more), a motor coach tends to be the ideal type of vehicle. Mini buses also offer a more affordable price point compared to motor coach charters.

Minibus Rentals in Austin from R&R

R&R Limousine & Bus provides minibus rentals for groups in Austin and throughout Central TX. Whether you need a minibus for a conference or rally, or you’re organizing a church group trip, the minibus is often the best option.

We offer fully customizable charter bus trips for groups of all sizes. Need a larger vehicle? R&R also rents motor coaches for la arge group or long-distance travel.

Call us today if you have questions, to schedule an appointment to view our buses, or to reserve a bus for your transportation.