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Austin Texas Mini Bus Services


Mini Bus Services from R&R Limousine and Bus offers event planners, newlyweds, and partygoers a great way to arrive in trendy fashion to any event in Austin and all throughout central Texas. A mini bus is an ideal way to arrive with style to any wedding, party, or corporate meeting. Let us help you plan your next mini bus transportation service for the event of your choice today! Arriving with style is merely one click away!


When people think of city transportation, the idea of a mini bus does not often spring to the top of the mind. Mini buses, by definition, are maneuverable, narrowly configured, and configured to allow those who desire slim (yet sleek) transportation. There are plenty of reasons why mini buses are a great option for city-based transit. The traditional shuttle bus is generally 19 to 22 feet in length and is extremely large when put in comparison to their other transportation counterparts. The compact size of a mini bus allows the driver to help navigate and maneuver passengers in an optimal and timely manner while still being able to fill most average parking spots other larger shuttles and vehicles could only dream of fitting in. This is also great for drop off purposes when it is time to show off your suits and heels at your designated event. There is no need to rush or fight for parking when in the hands of our mini buses. No more walking long distances from parking lots and alleys to your event. With our mini buses’ compact size and narrow body, you will never have to worry about ruining your new set of high heels or sweating in your suit while on the way to your destination.


The mini bus service here at R&R Limousine and Bus is an executive way to shuttle and provide a luxurious ride with its large entry/exit doors and wide aisles. Our mini buses are built to cater parties ranging from 10 to 31 in size! As a limousine and bus service, we know how tedious spacing can be when riding in large groups. We made it our mission as a company to defy the norm when it comes to breathing room. In our vehicles, we offer plenty of interior spacing inside the bus to provide leg room and personal space for everyone to enjoy while cruising to your destination. We pride ourselves on being able to fit more passengers than the typical van within our mini buses while never having to compensate in personal space within the vehicle. As always, we are more than willing to help those with a disability. Our clients are treated like family. With our overhead storage bins, which allows passengers to bring along items near and dear to them, we make it a point to always place our customers and guests as the number one priority at all times!


Our mini bus service is equipped to provide an ideal and safe riding experience with the built-in dual rear wheels and steel cage construction surrounding our vehicles. When choosing R&R Limousine and Bus services, we want to ensure that everyone inside one of our company vehicles is protected at all times. As a precaution, we have equipped significant equipment to ensure that the riding experience is more than relaxing. With the large, plush seats and crisp air conditioning that accompanies our mini buses, you never have to worry about being cramped and clustered while riding to your destination. Arriving in any wedding or party in style can be hard enough. When you book our services, we want to make your lives as easy as possible. With the amenities we provide, relaxation and accessibility should never have to be a problem.


When you choose to ride with our mini bus option, you are also helping to an ecosystem in a large way. By reducing the number of vehicles on the road, you are efficiently helping the environment and reducing the amount of parking space being used as well. With other forms of transportation, there can be an excessive amount of compressed propane, gasoline, or diesel being used to fuel these large vehicles. With a compact mini bus, not only are you going to get to your destination with style, but you are also helping the environment as well.


The customer is always the first priority here at R&R Limousine and Bus. Our mini bus service is the perfect way to arrive at any occasion in sleek, formidable fashion. Whether it is short or long-distance travel, this is the perfect option to accommodate all size groups. From the array of amenities within the vehicle to the lavish black finish on the outside, our executive mini bus serves as a standout transportation option above the rest of its class.


Contact us today for a free estimate for our services or fill out the reservation inquiry form if you wish to speak to a representative about choosing our mini bus services today!