Limo Service: How Much Should You Tip Your Limo Driver?


You know how much to tip at restaurants or at the valet stand. Yet, how much should you tip your limo driver?

That’s a common question we hear, and it’s often a source of confusion for first-time clients. Most have hired a limo before, and they’re unsure of tipping etiquette. Yet, the short answer is that a tip is expected, especially if you’ve been provided excellent service. Like any service-based industry, a tip lets you reward drivers who go above and beyond.

How much exactly should it be, though? When should you tip your driver? Or is a gratuity included in your reservation? We know first-time clients have questions about tipping their drivers, and we wanted to make a quick guide to make it easy. Here’s everything you need to know about tipping when you rent a limo.

Why Tip?

Limo drivers – like waiters, hairdressers, and valets – supplement their hourly wages with tips. In fact, a driver’s tips might account for a significant portion of his or her wages.

Yet, tipping your driver is also always a nice way to say thanks for great service at the end of the night. Tipping – like any service industry – is your chance to reward quality service. Limo drivers work hard to arrive on time, get you to your destination on time, and offer friendly advice about places to go, things to see and what to do. Leaving a tip lets you know you were happy with the service they’ve provided.

Also, if your limo driver goes above and beyond, a generous tip is a great way to say thank you and let your driver know you noticed their hard work.

Limo Tipping: How Much?

In general, it’s recommended that you tip your driver, at a minimum, 15-20% of your base fare. Therefore, if your base fare for a night on the town is $400; you should consider tipping your driver about $60 to $80.

For particularly stellar service, you might consider tipping your driver more. Drivers are focused on providing the best possible service, and they work hard to make your day extra-special. So, you might consider a generous tip, if your driver does everything that’s expected – like loading your bags, arriving early, providing friendly customer service, and getting you to your destination on time – as well as going above and beyond. A generous tip might be warranted if your driver:

  • Makes unexpected stops or adds new last-minute stops
  • Provide knowledge of venues and best drop-off points
  • Offers expertise in routing and schedules
  • Provides easy, on-call communication

For truly exceptional service, it’s not uncommon for clients to tip 25% to 30% or more of the base fare.

When to Tip Your Limo Driver?

At the end of service, you can provide a cash gratuity to your driver. Just hand a tip to your driver when you’re dropped off at your final destination. It’s as simple as that.

Alternatively, some limo services in Austin allow clients to include a tip in their reservation. This ensures you don’t have to carry cash during your special event,  and some clients prefer to do this for convenience. When you book a limo, ask if this is an option. Adding a tip when you make a reservation also allows you to put it on your credit or debit card.

The only problem with tipping prior to service is that you can’t adjust your tip if your driver goes above and beyond. One solution: Bring some cash to supplement your previous tip, as a way to say thanks and reward stellar service.

Is Gratuity Included?

Typically, a tip isn’t included in your booking. The amount is up to you whether you tip in cash or when you book. Yet, there are some instances when a tip might be included in your reservation. For example, some limo companies add a tip for large groups or for long-distance travel.

Be sure you ask ahead of time to make sure. Limo companies will typically tell you if a tip is included is or not. Yet, if you’re not sure, it’s better to be safe and just ask when you make the reservation.

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