How to plan your Austin brewery tour

Austin Brewery Tour

Austin Brewery Tour

Is it just me? Or is everyone talking a lot lately about beer?

People are learning about hops, discussing whether or not corn syrup is in beer or not, and brewing their own beer at home.

Beer has become a large part of the travel industry across the country. Austin is no different. We have many popular microbreweries in the area that supply our local restaurants and bars.

Most of these breweries offer tours and tastings to the public. There are plenty of companies in the area that offer cookie-cutter tours that they claim will give you an overview of the Austin brewery scene. Instead of relying on what your tour guide was paid to promote, why not create your own Austin microbrewery tour?

The people of R&R Limo and Bus will happily help you organize a custom-designed tour. Like you, we know and love Austin. We know the most famous breweries in the area, and we have a few favorites of our own.

Here are some reasons why you should go on a customizable brewery tour.

Our drivers will keep you and your party on schedule.

We know how it is. There is always one or two in the group who are the last ones to meander back to the bus. As the organizer of the tour, you don’t want to be the bad guy who is always after the slowpokes to make their final purchases. Our drivers will encourage the dawdlers to get back to the vehicle to keep you and the rest of your party on schedule.

Our drivers can be flexible.

Even though our drivers will keep you on schedule, we understand that part of the benefit of organizing a do-it-yourself tour is that the group can dictate the length of time at each spot. We can also spontaneously make other stops that you and your group decide upon.

Our drivers will plan the best route.

Our drivers will figure out the best route for your tour. We know which areas will be congested with traffic on particular days. We may even suggest a quick stop-off at a local distillery that happens to be next to a brewery you are visiting.

Our driver will be your DD.

No one wants to be the DD when you are on a brewery tour. Our driver will safely transport you and the rest of your party to each location.

You can play your tunes through our sounds system.

Don’t just organize a generic brewery tour. Make a party of it! Pick a theme. Make t-shirts. Have a music playlist. You’re drinking beer! It’s Austin! Of course, it is a party!

We have lots of different vehicles.

Once you have created your invite list for your brewery tour, reach out to R&R Limo and Bus to receive a free quote for your day’s transportation.

Perhaps you are planning a quiet day out with three friends. In that case, our driver will pick you up in a Cadillac XTS luxury sedan. We will sleekly maneuver through traffic while you and your friends sit back and relax in the full leather upholstery.

Perhaps you and five other friends decide to visit Austin’s boutique breweries. If this is the case, we can drive you in our classic Chevy Suburban. The Suburban is known for being spacious and luxurious. Don’t worry. We’ll make sure to leave the air conditioner running in between stops. You know how Texas summers can be!

If 10 to 24 of your friends are coming, and a limo is more your style, consider requesting our luxurious limo or our limo party buses. Our nightclub on wheels may even be more popular with your friends than the beer.

Finally, for 13 passengers, the Mercedes Sprinter van is a great option. You and your party will be able to get in and out of the vehicle with ease because our Sprinter vans are roomy! You don’t have to sacrifice roominess of luxury either.

You may feel that you have other options when it comes to transporting your friends between breweries, but hiring a car a driver for the day is obviously the best choice. No one wants to be the designated driver for a brewery tour. You all won’t fit in an Uber, and you don’t want to wait for one to arrive after every stop.

Visit our website to receive a free quote. Let R&R Limo and Bus help you create a fun, relaxing day with friends.