Hiring a Private Car vs Ride Share

Private Car vs Ride Share in Austin

Private Car vs Ride Share in Austin

You have a lot of options when it comes to getting from one place to another in Austin.

If you are traveling to our fair city this spring or summer, you may be tempted to rent a car. While renting a car gives you flexibility, it also has plenty of drawbacks.

One drawback is that if you rent a car, you would have to drive through crazy, Austin traffic. You would also have to navigate through the crazy, Austin highway system. Finally, you would have to try to find a parking spot in crazily expensive parking garages. You get the picture . . . Renting a car in Austin is not a good idea.

You could try out Austin’s public transportation system. All you would need to do is figure out the route schedule and how to pay for the rides. You could ask a local, but many locals may not know the answers to your questions. Plus, riding in any metro area’s public transportation system past certain times of the night may be an interesting experience.

This leaves the two best options for traveling in Austin: rideshare services (like Uber or Lyft) or hiring a private car and driver through R&R Limo and Bus. Which is the better option for getting from downtown to Zilker Park?

Hiring a Private Driver is a Safer Option

We have all heard about the recent tragic events in the news regarding a young woman who was killed by someone posing as a rideshare driver. While it is not our intention to stir up fear regarding this random event, it is worth discussion.

If you choose to use a rideshare service, please match the license plate with the one listed on the app. Ask the driver who he or she is picking up. While it is not healthy to assume that everyone around you has bad intentions, it is smart to be vigilant while traveling.

It is also worth noting that all the employees and drivers of R&R Limo and Bus undergo comprehensive background checks. Our drivers are also Professional Drivers, not some guy with an app who drives a few hours a week for extra cash.

Our professional drivers care about your time

Your time is important to us. When you hire a professional driver through R&R Limo and Bus, we will pick you up on time. We also know how to navigate through Austin traffic, so we will do our best to drop you off at your scheduled event on time as well.

While rideshare companies claim to be efficient, we have all seen the massive number of black cars congregating outside hotels and restaurants with hoards of people scanning faces and shouting names.

When you hire a private car for the weekend, we will recognize you, and you will recognize us. We will be the one in the luxury vehicle parked directly in front of your pre-determined, efficient pick-up destination (which will be far from the maddening crowds.)

Hiring a professional driver will provide you with a stress-free experience

Our city is amazing. We want you to love Austin as much as we do.

If you have to worry about finding the right rideshare car, or if you are concerned about your rideshare driver’s abilities, you will not be able to enjoy Austin to its fullest.

So feel free to go out and have a few drinks at one of our distilleries or restaurants. You won’t have to worry about typing in your ending location on a complicated app. We know who you are and where you are, and we will get you back to your night-time destination.

Traveling with large groups is easy with R&R

If you are coordinating transportation for your bachelorette weekend in Austin or your church youth group, booking a private driver through us is really a no-brainer.

We have luxury sedans to transport intimate parties, but we also have motor coaches for groups of 56. We also offer rides for every sized group between 2 and 56.

Trying to find a rideshare vehicle to accommodate even groups of four can be tricky and expensive. You may think that you had ordered an extra-sized vehicle on the app but find a regular-sized car sitting along the curb.

Hiring a private car makes you feel like a celebrity

Do you ever try to imagine what life must be like for the rich and famous? Try out a part of the lifestyle by hiring a car for your weekend in Austin. It is much more affordable than you would think.

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