Football Season is Coming to Austin, TX

Austin Football Season

Austin Texas Football Season

It’s time to do a happy dance, Texans! Football season is almost here!

While the rest of the country may think they like football, in Texas, we live and breathe football.

We know that preparation is critical. That’s why our coaches are currently conditioning our players, writing plays, and studying opponents.

While our guys are working on the practice field and the weight room, we are preparing for the football season by buying tickets, preparing tailgate menus, and scheduling transportation to the games.

Let R&R Limo and Bus help you prepare for the football season by providing transportation to and from the stadium.

If you are a Longhorns fan, (and who isn’t in Austin?), you know how crazy the traffic gets around the football stadium during game day. You are excited. The rest of Austin is excited. All traditional traffic laws are the furthest things on people’s minds as they head to the football stadium to party with 100,000 of their closest friends.

Let us worry about navigating through that crazy mess, so you can focus on finding your lucky burnt orange socks to wear to the game.

At R&R Limo and Bus, you have several transportation options.

Perhaps you want to arrive at the stadium in style. If that’s the case, let us take you in one of our stretch limos. These luxury vehicles are ultra-comfortable and super fun. Our Lincoln Town Car limo offers seating for you and nine friends. You can blast the fight song from the speakers as you enjoy the bar and moon roof.

Limos aren’t just for weddings and proms anymore. Isn’t a Longhorn’s football game as special as those events?

Are you worried that a limo isn’t large enough to hold your whole crew? Why not ask your representative at R&R if one of our party buses is available on game day?

Our party buses are equally as luxurious as our limos, and they hold up to 24 passengers. You and 23 of your rowdiest football-loving friends can ride to the game in this “nightclub on wheels.” As soon as you step inside this sleek vehicle, you will oooh and aaah over the plush wrap-around black ostrich leather seating. Our party buses also have fiber optic lighting and a fully-loaded entertainment system.

To accommodate almost two dozen people, you know our party bus will have multiple wet bars and cup holders. That’s just a given, right?

You get it. Riding to the stadium in one of our luxury vehicles would be awesome. But have you thought about the other benefits of booking your transportation through R&R?

Professional Drivers

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get an Uber or Lyft on game days? Some drivers choose to not work during football games because they know they will be sitting in Austin traffic as they inch toward the stadium. This means they won’t be making any money.

If you are lucky enough to get a ride, you may be stuck with a driver who barely knows Austin, much less knows how to navigate around campus.

Our drivers know and love Austin as much, if not better than you do. Their sole job on game day is to navigate through the stadium traffic to get you to a safe, close drop-off zone. You won’t worry about the traffic because you will be too busy relaxing with pre-game cocktails to care much of anything else.

No Parking

One other drag about attending a Longhorn’s game is worrying about finding parking. Of course, you’re going to have to pay for space, if you can even find one. And that space may be closer to the Congress Street Bridge instead of the Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium.

Are you convinced? Are you ready to schedule transportation for the rest of the football season? Why stop there?

There’s a sporting event occurring in Austin almost every day of the year. Maybe football isn’t your only passion. Are you a U of T basketball, soccer, softball, or baseball fan? Those games can be crowded as well. Let us drive you there.

Maybe you are more of a fan of professional sports. If that’s the case, we can also drive you down the road to San Antonio for a Spurs game. Whether you are a season ticket holder or just going for a special occasion, you can relax as we cruise down 35 to San Antonio.

Scheduling transportation with R&R is easy. Fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call at 512-947-7433.