Finish the Summer Strong With a Float Trip in Austin

Organize a Float Trip with Your Friends

Do you remember last May? It was just a couple of months ago, but it seems like it’s been an eternity now. 

Let me remind you of what you were thinking about at the beginning of May. You were mentally making a bucket list of all the fun things you were going to do this summer. You were going to take advantage of Austin’s amazing concert series. You were going to attend ALL of Austin’s festivals this summer, and you were finally going to gather up your group of friends and go on a float trip.

How many things have you checked off your bucket list? Instead of spending time in the great outdoors, did you spend a lot of your summer sitting on your couch watching Netflix instead?

The good news is that you still have time for a last (or first) hurrah! Don’t let the summer of 2019 end without scheduling a float trip.

When you Google “float trips Austin,” you probably aren’t expecting to see the name of a limo company appear at the top of your list. That’s really too bad because R&R Limo and Bus is the first company you should reach out to for planning a float trip down any Texas river. 

The people of R&R know what you want out of a float trip. Here’s what you get when you book a float trip with us.

When you book a float trip with R&R, we can take you anywhere. Most Austin float tour companies will drop you off at a designated spot on the San Marcos River. There’s nothing wrong with that. We love the San Marcos River too. San Marcos is a spring-fed river, and it is extremely clean. It’s around 72 degrees during the summer, which feels perfect on a warm day in August or September. Floating down the San Marcos River also feels as if you are floating down a nature preserve. Much of the float is tree-lined and beautiful. We would love to help you with a float down the San Marcos River, but with R&R you can choose a different location as well.

 When you book a float trip with R&R, you can customize your experience. Many of Austin’s float trip companies will drop you off at a designated spot and pick you up downriver a few hours later. What if you want to shorten your trip because you decided to hit a few wineries instead? Perhaps the weather is so ideal that you want to extend your journey. When you book with R&R, those last-minute changes are not a problem. 

 Finally, when you book your float trip through R&R, a professional driver in top-of-the-line vehicles will transport you. We make a living by providing transportation to people, and we have the perfect vehicles for it. 

 Our Mercedes’ Sprinter vans will hold up to 13 passengers. You and your friends can enjoy adult beverages while relaxing in our plush, leather bucket seats. You choose the playlist, and we will take care of everything else. We will navigate through the crazy, Austin traffic. We will find the best drop-off spot, and we will make sure you get back home safely after your relaxing day.

 Do you have a larger group and need transportation for up to 23 guests? We aren’t called R&R Limo and BUS for nothing. Charter one of our passenger buses for your float trip. You may have visions of yellow or orange when you hear the word “bus,” but that’s not the case for our vehicles. Our buses are used for wedding parties, corporate events, and day trips to Waco. You will travel in luxury on our buses.

 We know we aren’t your parents, but here are a few reminders so you can make your day as enjoyable as possible.

 Bring plenty of sunscreens and use it. You may want to wear a pair of water shoes or sandals to protect your feet. Hats and sunglasses are a good idea too.

 Yes, you can bring any beverage of choice to enjoy while floating down the river. Just make sure your drinks aren’t in glass or Styrofoam. Also, don’t forget to bring plenty of cold water as well. Lots of alcohol and a long period of time in the sun is not a good combination. At the risk of sounding like your parents, remember to stay hydrated.

 R&R Limo and Bus has been serving the Austin area for decades. Think of us when you need a ride to the river, a festival, or anything else that may be on your summer bucket list.