Do What the Locals Do. Go on a Float Trip!

Go on a float trip in Austin
Go on a Float Trip, Just Like What The Locals Do!

When you visit a different area of the country, you want to eat what the locals eat, wear what the locals wear, and do what the locals do.

So on your upcoming trip to Austin, you need to stop at one of our favorite barbecue joints to get brisket “to go,” put on some sunscreen and your favorite straw hat, and head down to the river. There’s nothing Texans like better than to float down a lazy river on a weekend afternoon. Let us at R&R Limo and Bus plan this activity for you.

We know that since you are coming in from out of town, you probably didn’t have enough room in your bag to pack an inner tube. Even if you get your hands on a flotation device, you are undoubtedly leery of going to any old section of a river and casting off for parts unknown. We, at R&R, know Austin, and we love our city. Let us show you our favorite recreation spots where you can relax, drink a few beers, and soak up some sun.

One of the most popular areas for floating is the San Marcos River. This spring-fed river is crystal clear and is a perfect 72 degrees during float season. The banks are lined with parkland that is covered with lots of native plants and trees. You’ll soak up the sun and sip your favorite beverage as you let the slow-moving current take you down the river.

If you have been on a floating trip before, you understand that the main problem to overcome is transportation. If you park your car by the river and let the current take you several miles downstream, you need to find a way back to your parking spot when you are finished. Since you will be in a rural area, you can’t rely on rideshare services to pick you up and take you back to your vehicle. Let R&R solve this transportation dilemma for you.

We can accommodate groups of any size. Do you have just two or three in your party? We can take you anywhere you want to go in Austin in one of our luxury sedans.

Do you have a group of 10 or fewer? Why not rent a limo? This option is more affordable than you would think.

If you are interested in doing a float trip, your best transportation choice would be a Mercedes Sprinter van. Our vans can accommodate up to 13 passengers. These spacious vehicles can hold your floaties and your coolers full of barbecue and beer.

Our Sprinter vans have comfortable, leather bucket seats and lots of legroom and foot room. The doors open wide, so getting in and out of the van is super easy. Austin has a lot of outdoor activities that you will enjoy, and this is the perfect vehicle to take to what will be your favorite recreation spots.

Our professional drivers are friendly and courteous. They will give you the inside scoop of what parts of the river to explore and which sections to avoid. They will tell you which hole-in-the-wall diner to eat at on the way, and which distillery to stop at on the way back to Austin. Our drivers live in the Austin area and they are always eager to share their knowledge of their hometown.

Let us take you to other green spaces around Austin as well. The Barton Creek Greenbelt is a perfect space to explore and escape the hustle of the city for a while. You can do a little rock climbing or bouldering, go for a quick jog, or take a dip in a swimming hole. Our drivers will pick you up whenever you are ready to head back to the more metropolitan part of Austin.

Fill out the form on our website to receive a free quote. We can accommodate large groups as well. That’s why we have the word “Bus” at the end of our name.

And if you want to join a bigger group headed to the river every weekend you can join Tour Austin’s Tubing tour.

We can also pick you and your party up from the airport and return you there at the end of your trip. Let us take care of navigating, driving, and parking, so you can spend more time relaxing and sightseeing. Isn’t that what going on a vacation is all about?

We at R&R are ready to serve you for an afternoon, a whole day, or an entire week. Let us do the driving for you!