Charter Bus Services in Austin

Charter Bus Services

Securing Charter Bus Services within the heart of Austin, Texas is now easier than ever at R&R Limousine and Bus. As a premiere bus chartering company, our charter bus is the perfect transportation option for all group sizes. For long or short distance travels, our passenger bus charters guarantee comfort, safety, and a memorable ride for up to 23 guests. Make your next trip the trip of a lifetime starting with transporting with style.


A charter bus, or motor coach as they are more popularly coined, are one of our standout transportation options here at R&R Limousine and Bus Services. For over 15 years within the transportation industry, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and providing top-notch service for groups of all sizes. These vehicles are perfect for sightseeing tours, church events, family gatherings, and festive festivals. With our motor coaches enhanced with comfortable accommodations for both large and small parties, our trained and certified coach operators will ensure that you arrive at your next event throughout Texas in formidable fashion!


As a limousine and bus service, we can understand how frustrating it can be to book and schedule an event with transportation all by yourself. This is why we went out of our way to ensure that we make the ride as stress-free and relaxing as possible with ample amenities. Our passenger motor coaches all offer adjustable reclining seats to ensure plenty of leg room for you and your guests. Our PA system is always enhanced with high-quality audio and video technology with tinted picture windows and sound systems will make sure your guests get within the partying vibe. The motor coach also comes with heavy duty shocks to help assist with a comfortable ride while also providing overhead racks and weather-proof compartments for longer road trips or guests with a large number of items. The seats within our charter buses are all comfortably laid out to avoid any claustrophobia and plenty of breathing room for the guests inside.


All our motor coach operators are trained and certified at the wheel to help you enjoy the scenery and keep your worries off of the road. Riding safely and ensuring the customer is always taken care of will forever remain our top priority. No one likes a shaky driver. When you ride with R&R Limousine and Bus, you will always be provided with a driver who is well versed in optimal routes and can navigate your party to the destination with no hassles whatsoever. This means less stress for you, the planner, and more time to enjoy with your friends and family. You booked us; let us help you enjoy your event starting with the ride there! The road to your event should be the last thing on a host’s mind. Our charter service will always drop you off and pick you up at the most optimal locations to avoid long lines and hassles with wait times. No more hefty fees from carpooling or toll lanes. Traveling independently can cause complications and a huge dent in your wallet. Eliminate a variety of stressful factors that come with relying on public transportation by traveling on our Charter Bus Services instead.


When you opt to ride in one of our motor coaches or charter bus, you are also helping the planet by riding in an environmentally friendly motor-based vehicle. Traveling within one of our vehicles helps reduce the energy and carbon emissions being sent out to the ecosystem. By carpooling and carrying a large number of passengers in a single charter bus, you reduce the carbon and gas being blasted into the ecosystem. If you would like to knock out two birds with one stone by saving the environment and arriving in fashion, choose our motor coach services!


At the end of the day, we would all like to save a little bit of money and hassle in our everyday lives. When booking an event or coordinating a group, the first step to success is the journey to the destination. When you decide to ride with R&R Limousine and Bus, our motorcoaches will ensure that you arrive at your event hassle and stress-free. Our trained and certified drivers are more than experienced with the winding roads of Texas – this means less stress and more fun for your guests! With our endless amenities and luxuries within our charter buses, you can spend less time stressing and more time partying!


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