Can You Drink Alcohol on a Party Bus?

It’s called a party bus for a reason. When you rent a party bus, it’s most likely for a celebration, whether a bachelorette party, a wedding party or Longhorns tailgate.

So, you probably want to know: Can I drink alcohol on a party bus?

The short answer is yes. R&R Limousine & Bus provides party bus service throughout Austin, and all of our trips are BYOB excursions. But there are some caveats.

If you’re considering renting an Austin party bus – for whatever type of occasion – we wanted to highlight some considerations you might need to make.

Is Alcohol Allowed on Party Buses and in Limos?

All of R&R Limousine and Bus’s party bus excursions are BYOB (alcoholic beverage, that is). We can provide non-alcoholic drinks like sodas, bottled water, and juice, as well as snacks. If you’d like NA beverages or snacks on your party bus, just let us know.

Under Texas law, though, we can’t legally provide beer, wine or liquor. We do allow guests to BYOB their favorite alcoholic drinks, though. Yet, there are some reservations:

  • Let Us Know – If you plan on drinking onboard, just let us know. We’re happy to help assist in planning and helping you to understand the requirements for drinking on a party bus.
  • Bring Valid ID – One requirement: Everyone onboard must be 21. That’s a rule. It’s too difficult for us to ensure that underage riders aren’t drinking, and therefore, we ask that everyone is in the legal drinking age. Your driver may ask for ID before you embark, so be prepared.
  • Ask About What’s Allowed – When you rent a party bus, ask the operator about what you can bring onboard. Often, canned drinks are OK, but kegs and glass bottles are not. When you book, we can help you determine exactly what you’ll need for a great trip.
  • Is There a Deposit? Some Austin party bus operators do require a cleaning deposit if you’ll be drinking during your trip. This covers any damage that might occur, and well as for additional cleaning for spills. Be sure to ask, so you know your responsibility.

What to Bring on Your Trip

What do you need to bring with you for the perfect night out in Austin? We’re happy to stock the party bus with non-alcoholic drinks and snacks – just let us know. Although they’re not included in our base price, we’re happy to add them in for a small charge.

Additionally, you’re welcome to bring your own. It’s up to you. Beyond these items, though, there are a few other essentials you might want to bring:

  • Plastic Cups – Plastic cups are safer and easier to dispose of, and they’re perfect for tailgating.
  • Non-Glass Bottles – We recommend bringing canned drinks onboard. Broken glass is a safety hazard, and it may require the trip to pause while the glass is cleaned up.
  • Coolers – Bring a cooler with your favorite beverages and ice. Most coolers stow nicely on our party buses. Additionally, be sure to stock it with sodas, water, and other non-alcoholic drinks, as well as your favorite alcoholic drinks.
  • Valid ID – Again, if you’re planning a party bus trip, you’ll need ID to board the bus. Make sure all of your guests are prepared!
  • Trash Bag and Paper Towels – Cleaning up after yourself can save you from costly cleaning fees. Bring a few supply items to clean up any spills and trash bags for your empties.

Tips for a Safe Ride

Renting a minibus or party bus is all about having a fun AND safe time. While you’re planning your trip, there are a few things to consider that will ensure all of your guests enjoy themselves:

  • Your driver is happy to accommodate your needs but to make his or her job easier. Keep the noise down and avoid any behavior that might be a distraction.
  • Refrain from rowdy behavior while onboard that might cause damage, injuries or distract the driver.
  • Review your rental agreement prior to your trip, and make sure you can bring alcohol onboard. If you’re unsure, contact the company.
  • Bring plenty of water, snacks and other beverages. Stay hydrated onboard!
  • Drink responsibly. Refrain from overserving guests and be on the lookout for guests who might need to slow down.
  • Avoid glass. Glass bottles are harder to clean up and can create unsafe conditions. Stick to cans and plastic cups, instead.

Book Party Bus Service with R&R

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