Corporate Shuttles: A Solution for Downtown Austin’s Parking Problem?

Downtown Austin’s parking supply has received a lot of attention in the last few years, as businesses are struggling to find parking for their employees. The Austin Business Journal even went as far as to call the competition for the last remaining spaces the “Wild West” of parking.

Currently, there are more than 70,000 parking spaces downtown. Yet, the majority of these spaces are privately owned. For businesses, there’s the added problem created by the change to the 2013 parking rules. The rule change allowed new high-rise buildings to be constructed without dedicated parking. As a result, many businesses that are relocating downtown can’t provide enough parking for their employees.

That problem is expected to grow. In the next decade, 25 million square feet of new development – both commercial and residential – will beadded, which naturally will increase competition for parking. For businesses, that could spell trouble.

Fortunately, creative partnerships and corporate shuttles are helping to alleviate Austin’s parking problem.

Corporate Shuttle Solutions for Austin Businesses

From public transportation incentives, to private employee shuttles, businesses have numerous options to help alleviate parking shortages.

This is something R&R Limo & Bus has watched closely. In fact, one of our corporate shuttle partnerships in downtown Austin has been very successful in helping a company offset a shortage of parking at their office. As a business owner, you might be wondering: What is available for me, and what can I do to help my employees?

We offer a variety of solutions to help businesses solve parking issues. Our solutions include:

  • Last-Mile Shuttles – Businesses are incentivizing public transportation. Yet, this often leaves employees to navigate the so-called “last mile” of their commutes, from the station to the office. This can be a challenge for employees, especially during Austin’s hot summers. Last-mile shuttles pick up employees at the station and connect them to the office.
  • Home-to-Work Shuttles – Public buses can be crowded and slow. Private shuttle buses offer a convenient solution. Typically, businesses lease parking space in one of Austin’s suburbs. These lots serve as private “park-and-rides.” Employees park in the designated lot, and then a private charter bus picks up commuters and shuttles them to the office.
  • Parking Lot Shuttles – Businesses sometimes lease parking spaces that are located far away from their offices, which might be the only option. A last-mile parking shuttle connects employees to the office.

Key Benefits of a Transportation Plan

Working with a ground transportation company to provide your employees commuting options offers a number of advantages for businesses. A few key benefits include:

  • Employee Satisfaction – Easier, stress-free commutes are a benefit that employees love.
  • Increased Productivity – Private buses allow employees to start their days faster. Employees can tap into email or start projects during the commute. Plus, employees don’t have to deal with parking or traffic delays, allowing them to get to the office sooner.
  • Reduced Costs – Parking in downtown Austin is expensive. A private transportation plan is often more cost-effective.
  • Helping Companies Go Green – A private corporate shuttle can help businesses achieve sustainability initiatives by reducing the number lone drivers commuting.

Custom Transportation Plans for Austin Businesses

Are you interested in developing a transportation plan for your company? R&R Limo & Bus offers customizable corporate shuttles for businesses throughout Central Texas, with a full fleet of vehicles for teams of all sizes.

Let us help you provide last-mile and home-to-work solutions that your employees will love. Contact us today to learn more about our corporate transportation options.