Austin Brewery Tours for Out of Towners

Austin brewery tour for out of towners
Brewery Tours for Out of Town Guest

If you are a fan of microbreweries, and you are traveling to Austin this summer, you probably already have a mental list of breweries you want to visit while you are in town. And this list is probably quite long.

It makes sense that a town known for its local music industry would also have a thriving local brewery industry. Doesn’t beer and great music go hand in hand?

If you and a group of friends plan to travel to Austin this summer, let R&R Limo and Bus show you a great time. We will develop a custom brewery tour. You tell us where you want to go, and we will make it happen. We also may suggest a few of our own favorite place to stop at along the way.

You will find an abundance of websites promoting brewery tours in Austin. But why would you want to go on a cookie-cutter tour that claims to give you an overview of breweries in the area? Why not go where you want to go?

Our drivers aren’t paid tour guides, and they don’t get any kickbacks from the brewery owners to promote particular places. We are just average people who love Austin and love good beer.

So instead of going on a crowded brewery tour with a bunch of strangers, let our driver pick you and your friends up from your hotel, store your coolers in the back of the vehicle, and let us be your personal driver for the day. You can control the tunes you are listening to. You can control the temperature and the tempo of the tour. You can make last-minute stops to grab a quick lunch, and you can have the driver pull over at a gas station when all that beer drinking catches up with you. That’s the beauty of taking a customizable tour.

Another benefit of doing a tour with us is that we are a transportation company. Our vehicles are luxurious and have all the bells and whistles. They are kept immaculately clean, and you will relax while coasting along the highway, beer in hand, while our driver navigates to your next stop.

Sure we can drive you to each brewery while you soak up the atmosphere in the back of our stretch limos, but we also have Mercedes Sprinter Vans that are as equally comfortable and luxurious. Our vans hold up to 13 passengers, and they are easy to enter and exit. They are great for the long-legged traveler. Of course, our drivers can also pick your small group up in our top-of-the-line sedans.

As we plan your tour, we would recommend that you only stop at three or four breweries in a given day. You may be able to fit more in if you make non-beer stops in between. After drinking a ton of beer, the breweries at the end of the tour will start tasting like PBR.

In the Austin area, you may consider starting north of the city by visiting Cedar Park’s Whitestone Brewery or the Bluebonnet Beer Company in Round Rock. We can recommend a great place to stop for a meal before you continue your tour to the Save the World Brewing Company in Marble Falls or Infamous Brewing Company out by Lake Travis.  While we are out by the lake, you might want to stop in at Oasis Texas Brewing Company or head back into the city to the Flying Man Brewing Co.

Our drivers will figure out the best route for your tour. We know our city, and we know which areas are particularly congested at different times of the day.

We will drop you off as close to the door and have the air conditioning running for you at the end of your visit. Our Texas summers can be a little sticky, but we will crank up the air conditioning, so you aren’t uncomfortable.

We may even suggest a quick stop-off at a local distillery to enjoy some of the harder drinks that Austin has to offer.

Since this is your tour, you can set the pace. If you aren’t enjoying the atmosphere of at a particular stop, we can move on quickly to the next destination. If you were on a traditional tour, you would not enjoy that kind of flexibility.

Scheduling a customizable brewery tour is a great way to spend the day on your trip to Austin. Fill out the contact form on our website, and we will get back to you with a free quote.