Eco Friendly

R&R Limousine and Bus provides innovative transportation options to the people of Central Texas with an emphasis on improving our world. We maintain and operate a large selection of fuel efficient vehicles in order to better serve our clients and our community. With a variety of both Flex Fuel and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles, R&R is an industry leader in environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Reasons for Eco Friendly Transportation

As a professional transportation company, R&R Limousine and Bus strives to set the example in delivering new fuel-saving technologies in cars, SUVs and buses. We believe this mindset has a two fold benefit: helping to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil and lowering the amount of pollution we put into our community.

Energy Security

According to the Department of Energy, for the United States to meet its demand for oil, as much as 40% of the petroleum we consume must be imported from foreign countries. Each year, private and public transportation activity is responsible for the use of over 70% of this supply.

Since the majority of world’s petroleum reserves are located in countries that are politically volatile, our country is especially vulnerable to supply chain disruptions. Due to these concerns, America should be doing everything in our power to lessen our reliance on foreign governments.

Natural gas provides a strong alternative fuel for transportation in the United States. Our country is in possession of an abundant supply of this alternative fuel source. It is produced domestically adding jobs to the American economy and off-setting the need for foreign imports. R&R is doing our share as a patriotic company to be a part of the solution in reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Lower Pollution

No matter what you believe about the science of climate change, introducing less pollution into our neighborhoods should be a priority for us all. R&R believes in corporate responsibility and has taken steps to ensure great service, while protecting the environment.

When compared with conventional diesel and gasoline vehicles, natural gas produces lower levels of emissions. This is due in large part to the fact that Compressed Natural Gas fuel systems are completely sealed, which means they produce no evaporative emissions.

Our Flex Fuel vehicles are built to run on a blended fuel of up to 85% ethanol. This means a much cleaner burn than conventional gasoline engines, while being responsible for fewer toxic fumes. This is extremely helpful in limiting the pollution of a motor vehicle. Since these vehicles use a gasoline mixed with ethanol, they contribute significantly less to the build up of greenhouse gasses, and are a popular alternative for those environmentally conscious individuals.

Eco Friendly Vehicle Performance

R&R Limousine and Bus seeks to use alternative fuel vehicles propelled by innovation. These clean burning vehicles exceed fuel efficiency standards while delivering the performance that our clients demand.

Natural gas engines are often superior in performance when compared to traditional gasoline engines. One reason is the fact that natural gas produces octane ratings of 130. Since their fuel begins in a gaseous state, Natural Gas Vehicles offer superior starting and drive ability, especially under extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

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